Letter of Inquiry Form

  • It is not necessary to use all of the available space to enter your responses to each of the following points.

  • The Goal (75 words maximum) is the result of your funded program: what your organization would be, have, or the positioning gained as a result of the funding. The Goal is NOT what you plan to do with awarded funds -- it is not a "to xxx" sentence. EXAMPLE of a proposal goal stated correctly: "A school transformed by strengthened course content, innovative teaching techniques, and increased teacher retention."
  • Executive Summary: Briefly state (500 words maximum) the problem to be solved or opportunity to be addressed; target population; anticipated funding start and end dates; how you would carry out your proposed program; budget categories; alignment with Fund mission and goals. Identify your differentiating factors.
  • Measurable Objectives: Your Objectives (100 words maximum) would be quantifiable and measurable. They are outcomes of the funded program or project. EXAMPLE of two well-constructed proposal objectives (three would be good): 1. Increase content knowledge of XYZ in high school social studies teachers by xx% after one year. 2. Increase teaching strategies of XYZ in high school social studies teachers by xx% after one year.
  • Indicate the total amount that your proposed program or project will require in grant funding. Dollars only, no narrative requested. Indicate the Year #1 total, only, if a multi-year request. Indicate that multi-year total in your Executive Summary/Overview.
  • Indicate the anticipated total cost of your proposed project. This could be the same number that you enter for your anticipated proposal request or a larger number if our funding would provide a portion of the total project cost.