Pope John Paul II High School
Royersford, Pa.
Grant: $73,000; Funded 2019-20


Opened since only 2010, Pope John Paul II High School had built a reputation for a vibrant performing arts program. Its leadership now turned its attention to carrying out the goals of its academic strategic plan (2018) by transitioning the existing science curriculum into a rigorous and comprehensive STEM program, with particular attention to female and minority student participation, that prepares students for college and career success.


Build a cohesive, measurable four-year STEM Trak of strategically implemented interdisciplinary STEM courses, internships in STEM pathway-related businesses and non-profits, course-driven lab experiences, dual-enrollment opportunities with a neighboring college, enhanced guidance/career services, and coordination by a STEM specialist. Invest in curriculum, equipment, and lab space for specialized STEM concentration in anatomy and health sciences. Engage a consultant to initiate STEM planning and execution.


Year #1 of the STEM Pathways Program kicked off in 2019-20 under the coordination of an industry nanotechnology specialist and with the addition of coding, robotics, and astronomy courses, and graphic design planned for 2020-21. Science in Motion, a lab on wheels program, was incorporated into the freshman physics curriculum, a new state-of-the-art STEM Lab was converted from an existing classroom, and a virtual dissection table was purchased for a program concentration in interactive learning of anatomy, biology, health sciences, and forensics, along with engineering, entrepreneurship, and technology. A two-stage pilot internship/college and career guidance program was postponed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Our STEM Pathways grant provides students with a dedicated STEM lab and opportunity to engage STEM-focused courses as soon as they enter PJPII.”

Rev. Brian Kean
Pope John Paul II High School